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The secrets to success for international entrepreneurs seeking to turn their American dream into reality

What do Google, Intel, eBay, Procter & Gamble, Yahoo or Instagram have in common?
All these companies started from one foreign born founder's dream. People learn to become entrepreneurs, but Foreign Born Entrepreneurs are forced to be extra skilled and resourceful professionals when facing immigration and an unfamiliar business environment.

This book grasps entrepreneurship in the USA as viewed by a foreign entrepreneur currently living in the United States. Hustling in America gives inside tips and advice as how to grow your project and attract luck in any situations.

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Charles Kollo

Charles’s experience with entrepreneurship began when, after obtaining a master's degree in Entrepreneurship from Ecole des Dirigeants et Createurs d'Entreprises in Paris, France, he worked for a business incubator and supervised entrepreneurs.

His sense of risk and desire to improve himself motivated him to study at the best universities to sharpen his business skills, which he put into use on his first US venture, which was selected as one of the best projects at the Harvard Extension School of Business Conference 2012. His areas of strength are business development and detecting opportunities in new markets.

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